Keep them Busy

Traveling with an infant/toddler can be stressful. Here are few tips that can help you and your little one get through a trip whether it’s a long-haul flight or just a simple car ride.
  1. Feed your infant/toddler before you leave. It can help them to feel full and sleep during travel.
  2. Pack a snack. I mean, really, who’s not distracted when food is involved?! 😉IMG_0911
  3. Pack a blanket. Even though Kai is past the swaddling age, I still pack a small blanket and wrap him tight on long flights.
  4. For nursing moms: I noticed that during international flights, (16hours+) my young one stayed calm by being close to me and nursing.
  5. Change before hitting the road. One of the worst things is to have to stop for a diaper change!
  6. THIS IS MAJOR “KEY” ALERT: Tablets and toys.  Lately, I almost always bring Kai’s tablet with me and its been so helpful and doubles as a distraction.
  7. Interact with your little one by reading a book or playing games (pat-a- cake, locating their nose, mouth and eyes etc)

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