The Young, not so young mom

The shock had already set in. Here I was, senior year of college and pregnant. Sitting in the doctor’s office, impatiently waiting while watching the clock pass. My name hadn’t been called, so I approached the front desk,”Excuse me, I have been here for two hours and my name hasn’t been called.” She replied, “Sorry, but all minors must be accompanied IMG_0336by an adult.”. I giggled, “Okay. Well, what are the requirements to be considered an adult? I mean, I had on no makeup and my hair was in a bun but last I checked, I was twenty-two years old. Granted, at that age, some might say most are in between the stage of not being a full on adult but not quite a child either. Nevertheless, I informed the receptionist of my age and she was shocked. At this point, she became more at ease and apologized, mentioning that so many young teenagers frequent the facility. As I entertained her justification for questioning my maturity, I wondered what led her to make such an assumption. The lady escorted me into the examination room. The doctor entered the room and began to evaluate me. I reached for my cell phone and before I could unlock the screen, the doctor clears her throat and says “No cell phones.” I actually pulled out my cellphone because I had my questions saved in my note pad on my phone. After the doctor finished evaluating me, I had a list of my own questions for her. I was a first time mom, so I had done some research prior to the visit. Although I sort of bombarded the doctor with questions, she answered all of them. She ended the encounter by complimenting me and saying that I was very informed and she was pleasantly surprised because not many moms my age were as knowledgeable about pregnancy as I seemed to be. At this point in the visit, I became very frustrated. It was the first time that due to my young appearance or age, I was being judged as a mom. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be the last…..

Let’s fast-forward a bit. My son is four months old and we were at the grocery store. I noticed a woman watching my son and I while we were the check out counter. She approached me and sparked a conversation; asking normal questions like his age etc and even complimented him by saying he was handsome. Then, before I swiped my card to pay for my groceries, she says, “You’re such a hands on nanny.”  I turned my head around so fast I couldn’t even hide my frustration. I replied, “No. Actually, he’s my son!” I then quickly took my groceries and left. I’ve never once been ashamed to become a mom at a young age, even though the odds were against me.

I never even thought about becoming a blogger until I was flooded with questions from other moms about kid’s fashion, finding deals for children’s events and clothes, as well as the simple everyday things I do as a mom. I have always had a passion for writing. Other platforms didn’t feel right for me and my family such as YouTube etc.. I also wanted a blog that would be geared towards the modern/urbane mom. I’d frequent places such as Pinterest or Google and I wouldn’t find articles from women of color or in women in my age range who are moms. If I would find anything creditable, I’d notice that it wasn’t very in depth or personal. I decided  that I’d waited for the right time to launch MomTea by TearuaL after getting one year of experience on the roller coaster called motherhood. I wanted to show people and write about how you can be young  and be a great mom. You can be great mom no matter your situation. Motherhood is imperfect and a journey worth taking. Young moms can still achieve their goals while maintaining balance in their lives. The word “impossible” is just that; a word. I’m in no way a “perfect mom”, so I learn from others daily and would love to share my experience as well as others’. So until next time, that’s the MomTea with Tea. 🙂

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The mommy blogger who proves you don't have to choose between motherhood and career.

3 thoughts on “The Young, not so young mom

  1. Love love loveeee it!
    Congratulations and good luck Queen!!!!
    I cannot wait to read more about your journey.


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