Let’s talk about friends 🐸☕️👀🌾

I have always been a social butterfly. Somewhere I heard you learn who your real friends are when you have a baby, get married or get a divorce. I learned the hard way that this statement  would be true. Some of my friends who surrounded me at the time I got pregnant where very consumed in living the fast life and partying. Even though my personality comes off as bubbly and loud I’m more of a simple person. When I say simple I’m the type of woman who likes to cook a good meal and sip wine. Nothing is fun about going to clubs waiting in lines and being trapped in sweaty rooms with sloppy drunk people in my opinion. I assumed that most of my friends would support me in my new journey to motherhood . I’d quickly notice that life had a better plan.

I had some friends back in my hometown who were mothers. I remembered how hard of a responsibility being a parent was for them. Their time was limited. I was childless at the time, but I understood if I wanted to spend time with my friends who had children I would have to find things they could bring children along for. Such as ice cream, workouts pool or shopping. I just assumed my friends would give that same understanding towards me. I went from being the friend everyone would call to my phone not ringing at all. The very last call I received  was being asked to go to a club when I was six months pregnant. I began to evaluate what the word friend really meant.
Then it happened, after the birth of my son I gained so many new friends. Some are mothers and some aren’t,they all have their own GOALS. I’m a strong believer that everyone has their own journey. PEOPLE MAKE TIME FOR WHAT THEY WANT TO MAK TIME FOR. I was being guided away from people who were not  good for me and pushed into the direction of people who would be. I needed to grow not just as a mother but as a woman. I’m great full for the women I call friend now because they are the true definition of the word. Each of them are unique and have helped me to be a better Tearua.



The friends I once had who have tricleked away, I wish them the very best. I just had to lose certain friendships to see that everyone who say they are there for you, arent and that’s  ok. Sometimes you have to be your own friend. Losing friends allowed me to become closer to my family. In that time I also was able to be more selective with friendships and find people of similar interest. In life you need the type of friendships that will not hinder your growth, people you can rely on and experience the joy of life with.


In one year a lot can change I went from being nine months pregnant at a baby shower dinner to celebrate the coming of my child with no more than ten people. To one year later at my son’s first birthday with over seventy quest. Each one of the quest I could genuinely say was a friend or a family member. We were surrounded by love and support from the right people. Every life change and big step not all those you come across will be apart of the journey but cherish the ones that are. Until next time that’s  the MomTea by TearuaL.

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