Drop the markers, and the stickers

image.jpegMahkai attends daycare and one of my biggest pet peeves is his sippy cups or bottles being written on with permanent markers or labeled with stickers.

Reason being Mahkai’s name sometimes is mispelled and the sticker lables are hard to get off.
My friends and me who are moms have a group chat. I told them about my deliema and they suggested reusable bottle lables. I went to kingkashmere.com and Etsy. I purchased three bands in the colors green, blue and orange. The shipping came fast.

The bands are personalized and have transitioned from baby bottles now to sippy cups and thermost. I love the lables and would highly recommend them to moms with little one in daycare or acvtivites. Even if your just simply interested in personalizing your little ones cups or bottles great investment for under $12.00.


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