King Kai’s Closet



I love styling my little one each and everyday. Many times its difficult to shop for a child especially a boy. My favorite stores include Zara, H&M as well as OshKosh. Some of my helpful tips while shopping are:

  1. Shop out of season- Typically a buy winter clothes in summer seasons and summer in the winter. Shopping out of season you will be sure to find deals that are marked down or on clearance.
  2. Shoes- Lesson Learned don’t buy shoes until your little one can walk. Little booties will do just fine in the mean time.
  3. Coupons/Reward Programs- I can’t begin to express how rewards come in handy, each time I shop for Kai I’m getting some type of discount.
  4. Be cheap- Save yourself money by getting doorbuster sweats and tee’s. The younger the child the more messy they get. Not to mention how fast they grow.
  5. Let them be a Kid- Try to not put little one in their best everyday because 9/10 they don’t understand the value of nice clothes.

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2 thoughts on “King Kai’s Closet

  1. Don’t forget second hand stores like goodwill or once upon a child. Many areas have seasonal consignment sales. And ebates, who now offers in store cash back as well


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