6 Tips for kids natural hair 

I’m far from a licensed cosmetologist  but what is major key for me as a parent is having Kai’s hair tamed and well-kept. The worst thing to see is a little girl or a little boy hair uncombed and poorly managed. I have a few tips rather your child has long curly locks, or low fade even if you a have a boy or girl.

1. Select a specific barber or hairstylist- When you go to the same person consistently guarantees that the stylist or barber well skilled to meet your expectations

2. Make it comfortable- I will be the first to admit I cried during Kai’s first hair cut, but I always take a toy or his sippy cup to make the process easier

3. Having a routine- Having a routine will save you time and will allow the opportunity for growth with less manipulation

4. Braids- stylish low maintenance and can last for a while,but I suggest not adding braiding hair to younger girls hair could cause tension and breakage

5. Products- know your child’s hair texture, figure what work and what doesn’t

6. Theres always resources such as Youtube  which has tutorials and tips, or your local hair magazines, Pinterest  or social media to gain inspiration from

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