5 Best Tips for a Last Minute Babyshower 

When they say expect the unexpected, always have a plan B. Kai came three weeks early. Luckily I trusted my body and decided to cancel my “Big baby shower”. Saving me a headache and a coin. I opted to do a less traditional last min dinner among family and friends.

1. Find a location (House, Restaurant… Somewhere simple) for us a Restaurant was perfect less hassle of set and cleaning .

2. Make the invites simple (E-invites)

3. Set day and time (my guest where young so I purposely set invitation time for 2 because I knew most guest wouldn’t arrive until 3:30 and 20% of guest would have to be in attendance to be seated

4. Buy a cake or cupcakes… We went with Sprinkles cupcakes my favorites and they also had baby shower themed cupcakes.

5. If you still want to do small games and shower favors you can.

Bonus: Spa the morning of for the mom to be, will keep down the stress and allow some relaxation time.

This alternative to the traditional baby shower was perfect for us. Allowed us to celebrate the coming of our son as well as cut cost and stress.

That’s all for Tip Tuesday!!!

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