How to plan a extravagant Birthday Party on a Budget

For us the first birthday party was a BIG DEAL. Which brought both sides of the family together. When I say we all had more fun than the birthday boy, it was a celebration to remember.

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1.Theme- My original  baby shower theme was carnival, so when we choose to go with Sesame Street it was easy to use some of the pre purchased decorations.

2. Venue- Our town home was too small to accommodate the 50+ guest list so we decided to rent our Aunts club house.

3. Cake- I always loved Jerrae’s (justjerrae_and.kam) cakes she would post, she gave me the contact to @CraftyCakes very reasonable price and sweet owner .The cake was  delicious and served as my desert days after the party had passed.Processed with VSCO with p5 preset



4. Invitation- The invitations cost me less than $10 from Etsy.

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5. Activities- Bounce house , Musical Chairs, Face paint, Tattoo Station.

6. Decorations- My Favorite part…. But before I go any further shout out to my family for helping paint decorate arrange and most importantly take the stress off me. Most of the decorations came from Ernies, Party City and we got the helium tank to cut cost of having balloons blown up for us.

7. Food- The Nigerian food was catered and their was plenty to go around. My uncle prepared most of the American Food.

8.Photography- We were very lucky to have my friend Alicia(ah_lee
_see_ah_taylor)to capture the moment for us.

*For a Bonus we had a candy station filled with cotton candy, cup cakes, candy apples. As well DJ.

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The most important part for us was seeing our little boy smile, even though he slept through most of the party. We cut many cost by doing things ourselves or looking around for the lowest price possible. I would strongly suggest parents with children under two to have some activities or food for parents and adults. This keeps things lively. Lastly I would like to thank our family, friends, and vendors for helping with the special day.


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