7 Tips to Tackle Night Terrors 

When the Night Terrors first began I was very confused. I checked Kai’s temperature several times immediately I ran to google. I asked other moms if they had experienced this type of helplessness when your child is not quite awake not quite sleep screaming and crying. So here’s what I’ve learned and how I help my little one when the Night Terrors approach 

1. Researching and understanding what Night Terrors are so that you as a parent don’t panic.

2. Eliminate noise such as TV or music.

3. Try to have a set bedtime

4. Allowing little one to sleep independently in a bed or a crib

5.Don’t let little one over heat

6. Time the frequency of the Night Terrors

7. NEVER TRY TO WAKE LITTLE ONE DURING A TERROR, Could be more harmful than helpful

Know that Night Terrors are normal and that your little one will eventually grow out of with time. Hope this was helpful please share the MomTea with other moms.

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