Blogathon ATX

I remember the day I was so nervous to post my first piece. I wondered how people would perceive my content. If I could connect with an audience well. My mind was less on the coin, more on the overall structure of my blog and the reader. Blogathon Austin was the best place to network and get the creativity flowing. To meet so many people of similar interest was great.

I went into Blogathon thinking it would be a large conference room and very school teacher set up, man I was wrong. Lets start with the food my diet went right out the front door. From breakfast to lunch I was stuffed. There were mini sessions  geared towards different components of blogging such as “Building your Dream Blog”, IT support and so much more.

What I took away the most from, was having my site reviewed and having someone given me constructive cretinism. I felt like I was open to learning and knowing what work and didn’t work for my blog.

Oh let me drop the Tea on the Amy’s. Literally I met a super duo both named Amy. They were so encouraging, we literally sat and simply talked blogging among other things. They both said they learned so much from me during our talk but I felt I learned a BIG lesson from them. The lesson was to stop having self-doubt. I’m always complimented on my writing, blog and the overall process and I’m always in shock. They say find your niche and stick with it. Well maybe my niche is blogging and though my blog was once a hobby geared to helping the modern-day mommy it’s becoming so much more.

Austin is beautiful and I will definitely be attending Blogathon ATX next year, will you?

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The mommy blogger who proves you don't have to choose between motherhood and career.

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