Restaurant Etiquette 101-Toddler Edition

Every parent has that stressful feeling of taking your baby/toddler to a restaurant, childrens behavior can be unpredictable.  There’s always that one table with the crying child or the child who is extremely active and can’t sit still. Well I don’t have all of the answers but here are a few tips to hopefully minimize the stress.

  1. A quick snack or for babies a quick bottle/feeding- This will help the child to be patient before the meal arrives. Typically with Kai we pack fruit snacks or granola bars.
  2. Dress for the Occasion- Yes Kai is to old for the traditional bib but luckily I found a shirt bib for him at Ikea. A parents biggest fear is their little one ruining a perfectly good outfit.
  3. Pack baby proof utensils- I carry a spoon and fork in Kai’s backpack because he’s not at the age of using silver utensils.
  4. Wet wipes/Sanitizer- We all know how messy little one’s can be, have wet wipes or santitizer near
  5. The distractions- In other words TOYS. It could be a tablet, crayons paper or even cars. Bring some type of distraction to keep little one busy.
  6. Table mat- Keeps germs away and gives little one a clean surface to eat from. Their disposable and easy to clean up. Check out @simplynaturalbabies selection of table mats.
  7. Order easy- We get Kai finger food like chicken tenders that way he can feed himself and we can enjoy our meal in peace as well.

Thanks for reading.Happy Tuesday.

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