4 Tips for Barber shop protocol: Mommy Edition

I have always felt like the mens barber shop was like a secret hide out where only men were welcomed. If you have ever seen the scene from Little Rascals  where the boys run to the door and raise their hand and say the club pledge for entry, well I assumed it was something like that. I knew as my sons first birthday approached I wanted to go to the first hair cut didn’t realize then that I would become a frequent visitor to the barber shop.

My first time going into a barber shop I was sixteen I took my little brother for a  haircut. I remembered all of the men in the shop falling silent and given me looks and winks the entire time of the visit.

So now taking my own son every two weeks is pretty much routine,even at one years old he sits in the barber chair unassisted to gets his cut. As a mom I know exactly how I like his hair cuts to look I’m specific. I mean in the black community it’s no secret that hair is seen as a persons crown.

The funny thing is once I enter the barber shop men assume I’m this single black female and go in trying to flirt they always try to start conversations with me by complimenting my son. Let me not fail to mention that my son is a momma’s boy and gives the ugly stair when men approach. So then I simply nod my head pleasantly try to keep conversations short I’m here for a haircut not speed dating. One of the barbers went as far as given my son a free hair cut.

The most interesting thing is the shift in conversations when woman are present its like the men begin to censor themselves they will speak of politics or sports in the presences of woman, I can only imagine the topics when  no woman aren’t around. Being a woman entering a barber shop you feel like a zoo animal while all eyes are on you all at once. So here are my simple tips.

  1. Choose a style ahead of time.
  2. Stay loyal to the same barber
  3. Take a distraction: magazine, iPad snacks
  4. Go on week days when there is less traffic


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2 thoughts on “4 Tips for Barber shop protocol: Mommy Edition

  1. True but sad. I have been a barber for many years and I have worked at shops where women were immediately flirted with, asked out or just stared at uncomfortably. I own a shop in an Atlanta suburb that is very successful. I always hear stories like yours from moms who felt uncomfortable in other shops because of the atmosphere. One lady told me she walked in a shop with her son and pornography was being played and the barbers didnt cut it off! As a true professional barber who takes pride in his shop and his barbers, I just want to let you know that there are shops; although few and far between that actually respect women. Now when you leave; we are gonna talk about how fine you are….lol

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