Kai Turns 2 

Where do I start I’m battling so many emotions. A part of me is excited but fearful to tackle what most call “terrible two” but as I reflect back on the moments that brought us here I’m truly blessed.

Imagine as a parent feeling hopeless I was beginning a new job paying off bills and financially  not in the same place I was in last year during his 1st birthday. Me being the super mom that I am I said no matter what I’ll make this 2nd birthday worth remembering.

First I threw him a back yard BBQ in St.Louis my hometown. Family and friends got to see him for the first time we truly enjoyed ourselves. So what could or would I do for his actual birthday in Houston.

I thought smart, well what’s free? Because free is for me. I googled restaurants that give birthday rewards instantly to my surprise a list of 50+ from Benihana’s  to Baskin Robins where  on the list. So I’m going to take him to our favorite 2.

His actual party will be Saturday which was pre planned. Luckily this year I won’t be running around stressed trying to prepare. Last year I dropped 12lbs from stress, organizing and planning his 1st birthday. This year we chose Kid n Play and a simple theme inviting only 20 special guest.

Now that he’s two it’s hard for me to say verbally that I have a two-year old. I guess a part of me misses that little 7lbs 8 oz baby I gave birth to. It seems that if I say TWO then I’m acknowledging he’s not my little baby anymore. I was in love with this little human from the first heart beat and now here we are at TWO and it hasn’t gotten easier. Yes I may sleep through the night and don’t have to nurse but I’m saying No a lot more, I’m sleeping with both eyes open but most importantly I’ve gotten the opportunity  to love my greatest creation for two years. So here’s to TERRIBLE TWO I’m ready for you.

To: Mahkai Moyosore Ismail

Love Mommy

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