How to increase Toddlers Vocabulary

My late night pleasure is going to Target. I go around 8 on Sundays typically everyone is home and planning for their week ahead, but for me I'm having a full on mommy free hour going aisle to aisle. My favorite section is right by the door I guess we can call it "the door buster section" little items marked at $5 or less. I found these books priced at $1. They have many site words, colors and pictures. My little ones vocabulary is growing every day from learning simple words to forming sentences. Here are our tips and tricks to increase your little ones vocabulary.

1. No baby talk – we have never used baby talk with our son.
2. Give directions- given little one small directions helps them to understand meaning of words and they will eventually repeat them for example "Do you have to Potty" typically they will grasp the word potty.
3. Starting with the basics – Alphabet, Colors and numbers
4. Nursery Rhymes and Music- we go all out in the car rides with nursery rhymes my favorite to hear him sing is "Old MacDonald"
5. Flash Cards or Site Books- we will work with the same two books for a week and alternate practicing key words and allowing our little one to lead.

Make learning fun. Yes each child will learn at his or her on pace but don't just rely on schools, daycare or outside programs to teach little ones. Learning starts at home for us. Yes my little one has a high vocabulary for a two year old but each word he wanted to learn on his own and I am so proud of him. What are tips and tricks your family uses for learning vocabulary?

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