Whats in my Toddlers Lunch

I began packing Mahkai’s lunch a couple of weeks ago and have seen changes in his after school hunger, his bowl movements and as an added bonus he loves to carry his cute lunch box that I purchased at Kroger. Packing a lunch can be time-consuming to some but it’s so worth all the benefits like knowing exactly what your toddler is consuming.

I start by packing Mahkai a AM snack: granola bar and oranges

For lunch he has: chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli and carrots, with an Honest juice

Pm snack : Apple sauce and graham crackers

Bonus Snacks: pretzels and fruit snacks

I also always make sure my little guy has water to hydrate and I label it with his name, Each snack and meal is labeled to help his teacher, left up to any child or toddler they would just eat all the snacks from their lunch and toss out the food …… I did it growing up (sorry grandma). That’s all for Tips Tuesday be sure to share the tea.


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2 thoughts on “Whats in my Toddlers Lunch

  1. Since Caylin has started Kindergarten we had both decided to start packing her lunch for school. Which is way more convenient and fun for the both of us. I pack additional snacks just in case she gets hungry throughout the rest of her school day. We have multiple lunch boxes to choose from to keep it fun. Some of them have smiling faces on them, super heroes, princesses, etc. I also made a cooler out of water bottles and gel balls to keep her lunch cool until lunch time. That was a fun and crafty idea to do as well that I came across on Pinterest. Your doing such a great job mom! Keep up the good work!! Whoop, whoop!!!


    1. I think the older he gets the more creative I can get with his lunch like writing little notes of encouragement. Thanks girl moms are like super heroes with no cape.


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