Sudbudz Bath Time, Play Time

Having a toddler can be rough, but try having a toddler boy. My little one loves the outdoors, bugs and especially dirt. So bath time is always a drag. I try to make bath time interesting and fun so special thanks to Sudbudz for this creative toddler bath ball that fizzles. Here are my tips for making bath time play time and how I used Sudbudz to help.

  1. Music- Typically we turn Disney Radio on in the bathroom and connect to the UE Boom.  This relaxes him and helps him catch the beat while scrubbing clean.
  2. Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetToys- Plastic Toys typically can find in the baby bath time aisle at many stores. (Target)
  3. Sudbudz- Ours came in the color blue, when the ball hit the water and fizzled Kai went crazy with happiness and then the water turned a cool blue.

The best part about Sudbudz is that it didn’t irritate Kai’s skin. The packaging was cute had little animals to describe it color ball. The ball was easy to use and left no stains perfect for getting the little one calm for bath time. Sudbudz can be found at Target and online use my VIP code MOMTEA10.

How do you make bath time fun? Drop tips below.

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