Fall activity tips (pumpkin picking)

I’m at such peace when I wake up and open my doors to the fall weather. Since moving to the south Fall has been my favorite season. Now that I’m a mom I love decorating and participating in Fall activities with my little one. Over the weekend we visited Blessington Farm and picked out the cutest pumpkins. Below our my tips for pumpkin picking.

1. Wear comfortable shoes that you aren’t afraid to mess up- bring on a farm can be a bit messy I learned the hard way.

2. Pack Snacks- most pumpkin patches have activities and you and little one may be in need of a quick power snack.

3. Choose pumpkin wisely- I always go with our pumpkin crafting ideas in mind so I don’t under buy or over spend.

4. Have fun- from the food to the activities we had a blast.

Blessington Farm is kinda like a tradition for us now this is our third year and we always have a blast. Now that Kai is older he can enjoy a lot of the activities. This was a fun way to welcome in Fall.

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