Guess who’s back?


Hold up, hold up let me explain! Where have I been? What happened? What’s next?

Before we go any further let’s rewind. Well January 1,2018 I found out I was pregnant. January 15,2018 I started a new job, a corporate job and my first. Let’s let that sink in I graduated college in 2015 and had never used my degree. So add new baby and new job together what do you get STRESS. I was working 45-50 hours a week so essentially I didn’t have time to blog and I began to slipped into the routine of eat, sleep and repeat. Then May 17, 2018 I gave birth to my miracle micro preemie baby Mahir, which we will soon learn more about. Then went back to work four days after a c section.
I’ll make it simple a lot was happening all at once and I told myself to take a break and just focus on family. Slowly that break became weeks, months then I looked up and a year had gone by.

I became okay with not writing I didn’t even think that it mattered until. Every where I went everyone’s first question was “where’s the blog”! But I didn’t want to write for others I had to find my passion my “why” again. It hit me like a ton of bricks I don’t blog for people and I sure don’t do it for likes it really was therapy for me, my safe place. Once I gained readers it became important for me to show people the reality of young mother hood. When I say young I’m under 30 with two kids.
A lot of real, uncensored, unapologetic real life . I’m not the mom who appears to be perfect. I’m the mom who will attend parent teacher conferences then go home pull off my wig and drink wine and unwines. Me and my family have a old school way of life mixed with new school. So if you read this far I have two questions, one did you miss me? And two will you continue reading?

Published by TheRealMomTea

The mommy blogger who proves you don't have to choose between motherhood and career.

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