The Dress

I guess every girl imagines what they will look like on their wedding day but me. I never said “Oh I want to look like a princess. I will also let you guys in on a bigger secret when I imagined my life growing up I never saw children or a husband, I was under the impression that I couldnt have success, love and a family.

Well here was the big moment of selecting a dress. I had went behind everyones back weeks before my set appointment to try on dress styles, I knew ahead of time that I didnt want to be the bride trying on gowns all day. So boom fast forward to the dress shopping day and I only took my Maid of Honor and one out of my ten bridesmaids. Yes I said 10 we will get back to that in a few weeks but blame Moyo.

First  I tried lace gowns, I assumed I’d walk down in lace because I’m so old fashion and have a eye for classic pieces. Then came jewled dresses that everyone imagined me in. Like who am I kidding to know me is to love me I’m dramatic and over the top in all that I do. Yet here I was emotional over a classic dress that contained not one jewel nor lace. I was stunned like who is this adult woman standing in this beautiful gown.

Oladie and Jamaira had little faith in my dress selection until they saw it on me and I walked out, smiling from ear to ear while invisioning exactly how our big day will play out. So my tips for those brides looking for the perfect dress are below.

  1. Buy shape wear or under garments- You will be trying on dresses that other people have also tried on so bare skin is not an option for me, as well as you want to be snatched in so that the gowns fit there best
  2. Less is more- I have a large wedding party, I cant imagine the opinions and confusion I would have to overcome selecting a dress with everyone having input
  3. Budget- Dont be the bride with million dollar dreams on a dollar reality
  4. Style/Vision- I was open to trying on A-line, ball gown and mermaid because sometimes what you think will fit your body type and what actually does are two separate things. Go to pinterest and just scan and see what YOU like.

Emphasis on YOU, because trust everyones vision will be different.

5. ENJOY THE MOMENT- Dont be afriad to ask questions like cost of alterations, payment plans/options, cordinating of veils, storage, estimated time to recieve dress back, if you like white or ivory.

Wedding planning is a lot of work the selection of dress is one decision as bride that you can be selfish so go for it honey.

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