TIP Tuesday “Hand me Downs”

The nerve of Mahkai asking me “Mommy why is brother wearing MY clothes”. Having two boys who are only three years apart everything gets passed down. Kids outgrow clothes on a seasonal bases so if I can get twice the wear it’s a win for this momma. I use to be the mom who would preach “my kids are individual and wont share clothes” but now things have changed. I’m now the mom who is going to make every dollar stretch. Here are my tips on how a save and reuse the boys clothes.

1.Storage- This is the biggest tip of them all. If you don’t properly store old clothes you are running risk of clothes having that nasty old basement smell. I buy multiple size storage bins from target WITH LIDS. Then I divide the clothes by size example all of the 12-24 months are all stored together. Shoes deserve their own bin, don’t be gross and put those used shoes on top of clothes.

2.Lables- Save yourself sometime and label everything makes things easier when it’s time to go through the bins and take out what you plan to pass down. I learned the hard way after spending many Saturday’s aimlessly digging

3. Let it Go- I use to let Kai wear too little clothes as PJ’s but now once its to small I immediately store for baby brother. Who wants stretched or discolored clothes?

4. Restyle- The best part is making old clothes come to life again. Find new ways to style if Kai wore it in a sporty edgy way I will find a way to put a preppy twist on things for Mahir.

Do you mommas let your children wear hand me downs? Have you ever worn hand me downs? Let me know your tips!

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