How to balance kids during Covid-19

Well this momma is going to give the tea on what’s worked for us because it was trial and error the first week. I was trying balance being the teacher, maid and chef all while working my very demanding corporate America job, I knew something had to change and I was barely making it with coffee. Check out the tips below for what I did to find balance and keep the boys busy.

1.Planned ahead- I luckily have friends who are teachers as well as my Grandma so I asked them for a little help and made my own lesson plans. Each boy got a lesson plan designed for their personal skill set. Mahkai’s elementary also provided distant learning tools and Zoom calls with teachers.

2. Switched up the days- Yes the traditional learning is Monday-Friday but that didn’t work with me having to balance conference calls and zoom meetings. I give the boys two FREE days during the week so that on my off days Saturday and Sunday we can truly focus on learning. For example we would follow schedule of learning Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday-Sunday.

3. Dry erase boards- I write out the boys schedules daily and put check marks next to things that are complete this allows the boys to track their progress through out the day.

4. Lunch time- Am I the only person doing groceries 2-3x more often than usual? So the solution was to give them “school food” vs 5 star luxury meals I was making. Typical lunch is fruit, a snack and then kid friendly food you’d find at any elementary ie. pizza, chicken nuggets, steamed veggies. I made sure all lunches could be prepared in 20 mins or less.

5. Recess/ Exercise- I take the boys out once a day typically towards end of day we will go for walks or ride bikes. We got Mahkai a big boy bike and he rides it almost every day. One new thing I added was meditation and yoga and honestly it’s more for me than them because let’s be honest wearing all these hats can take a toll on your mental health. I’ve been finding so many new ways to make learning exciting and fun yesterday we went on a nature walk and used a explore board from Target.

I enjoyed this new time home with my family and will be rolling a lot of these new habits and tips in into or every day life once outside opens back up. I hope these where helpful don’t forget to share your tips below. Lastly what are your plans when outside opens back up?

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