Inexpensive Birthday for Toddlers

Want to know how I pulled off a small last minute party for our toddler keep reading dropping all the details….

Theme: Of course I came up with the theme “Two Legit to Quit” after it catching my eye on Pinterest. The hubby hated the idea of the theme but once I set mind that’s it.

Decor: Went to Dollar Tree yes Dollar Tree. I purchased table cloths, toys for goodie bags, balloons and more. This was a record for me $54 on decor and games vs my usual 200-300+. I also purchased a backdrop from Amazon for $20.

The Setup: setting up the night before is almost tradition for me. I never know what mood the kids will be in the day of party so I try to knock out all that I can ahead of time.

The Cake: With the Corona virus out there and us self quarantine I wanted to keep the cake simple. I reached out to Sweet Kravings our family official cake lady and she nailed it per usual.

Entertainment: I got creative and added a paint station for the kids with paint, and canvas from the local dollar tree. Bounce house worked out perfect it didn’t rain and the coat was right because of the lack of business during this pandemic we secured a discount. Lastly I added a 90’s trivia game for the adults I’ll put it this way the men had to cheat to beat us.

The Tears: I’m still in disbelief that we have a two year old. Let the potty training begin. These past two years have been such a blessing, my biggest lesson for sure has been slowing down and enjoying the moment and thats exactly what I will continue to do as watching our little one grow. Someone please stop the time.

Be right back grabbing tissue. Did you celebrate any birthdays or graduations during quarantine? Everyone was in shock that we actually hosted a party this year but this was small compared to our usual birthday festivities. Plus I made people sanitize at the door. Back to isolation we go!

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