This is it!!!

Wedding planning during a pandemic is not in any way how I envisioned planning our big day. Going through this and having no control has been a blessing in disguise. I’m a perfectionist, so this was first time in life that I have had to just go with the flow. Postponed Moving the big dayContinue reading “This is it!!!”

The Holidays with the Ismail’s

I don’t think holiday traditions ever crossed our minds before having children. If you are new here I grew up Catholic and babe grew up Muslim. Traditionally I grew up attending midnight mass then opening all gifts at midnight. While my better half had a tree up and gift exchange when he was very littleContinue reading “The Holidays with the Ismail’s”

Kid Free Vacation

Review of Dreams Vista-Cancun Raise your hand if you want to take a kid free vacation but somehow some way mom guilt gets the best of you. The thought of me being away from my babies longer than 8hrs gives me anxiety. As strange as it may sound I don’t mind traveling with my littleContinue reading “Kid Free Vacation”