Mommy & Kai take on Disneyland

Growing up I spent many holidays in Los Angeles with my family. I remember when we all packed up and went to Disney the only problem was I was afraid of rides and characters at the time.

My little one has had an obsession with Mickey Mouse since he could stand and we had already went to Disney on Ice countless times so what was next? Disneyland. Off we went on a 6am flight landed at LAX breakfast then on to Disneyland. What was even greater is that our tickets to the park where free talk about a savings and they came with fast pass so no waiting in line.

The park had plenty of rides for my little one who is thirty five inches tall. From turkey legs to the tea cups we had a blast. So much of a blast I looked into his stroller at only 7pm and he was sleeping mouth open and all.

I left the theme park with memories to last a life time. To see his smile and him jumping for joy was well worth the exhaustion that my body is feeling right now. Now we are on to Knotts Berry Farm to see Snoopie.


hoUSton August 28

I must admit that this is something that you can’t prepare for, something you could never guess was coming. To see a city that have grown to love over the past seven years under water still doesn’t feel like reality. Not being able to go to the grocery store, school or down the road due to flood waters. Hearing tornado sirens all through the night, the amount of uncertainty that we’ve experienced these past five days. Being a young mom to a toddler and remaining calm in the situation but I’m forever grateful.


To see a family with a young child carrying everything they own in a pack and play my heart broke into pieces. I will never take the simple things for granted. Which brings us to today we have gathered our family we will volunteer. We will help in any way to rebuild our city and we will continue to pray. Yes many can not donate this we understand but if you can pray or even be a helping hand. hoUSton will show this country how to come together no matter race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. For all those who have reached out thank you.





Home for me is a city that if your not a Cardinals fan you will get the dirty eye. I have always had a love/hate relationship with St.Louis, a city full of so much history but so much crime and destruction at the same time. Brining Kai for a visit was exciting for me he would be able to try my favorite foods, see my old stomping grounds as well as see family members he had never seen.


We drove to St.Louis, a car ride I was afraid to take there is nothing like a cranky toddler. To my surprise he was a breeze on the twelve-hour car ride he mostly just slept. As soon as we arrived I went to my grandma’s house and we grabbed my all time favorite Chinese food now I’m sure other cities have Chinese food but no one, I mean no one can top St.Louis Chinese. Where else can you go and get crab ragoon, and shrimp fried rice and the total be less than $10. I sat there and indulged in the greatest meal and topped it off with a Vess soda. Nothing about that meal was healthy and I was okay with that.

The Fun 

We decided to have Kai a pre birthday turn up “Toy Story” themed. We had a Woody Character, a bounce house the music and food flowing. Family gatherings wouldn’t be family gatherings without the adults whipping out the spades table. I woke up the next day to bruises from attempting to win a potato sack race, man ol man I’m not as young as I thought I was.



My favorite holiday in St.Louis has been 4th of July not because of the BBQ but the VP Fair its something about fireworks that gets me each year. The fair comes once a year and during the 4th of July holiday it’s filled with games, food, live free music and fireworks. My best friend and his girlfriend invited me and Kai to accompany them to the fair I think I was the most excited of the group. We ran to the food stations as soon as we arrived, then caught the free concert “3 Doors Down” who just happened to be one of my favorite bands in high school, I was surprised I still knew all the words. Here comes the boom, I assumed Kai would be afraid of the fireworks but he just sat on my lap amazed watching all of the colors. My only re


gret was forgetting our stroller in Houston therefore the entire group got a full workout taking turns carrying my 35lb toddler.


Majority of St.louis attractions such as Art Museum, History Museum and Zoo are free so they are def on our line up while on this visit.

New Home 

I loved to bring my son to see my different world and the place I once called home. I moved away over seven years ago and have never looked back. This
city has made me I’m deeply rooted from my country grammar to sugar and butter in my grits. Although Houston is now home St.Louis will always have a piece of me. I enjoyed seeing family and friends. Coming to St.Louis showed me that Houston is not just my new home because I have lived there but because Houston changed me from a child into a woman. Houston is where I found myself, where I found love and created a family so St.Louis raised Houston made seems rather fitting. Until next time St.Louis.

Fathers Day Ideas 

Father’s Day is that special day sat aside for dads. I’m more of the creative type who puts a lot of thought into gifts. We must give credit where credit is due the role of a father is so important in a child’s life for little gents the father can be a role model and for little ladies he’s a a first love. You don’t have to splurge to get a thoughtful gift that dad will enjoy and cherish here’s a few tips. 

1. Hand crafts aka DIY- Last year we made Dad a story booked filled with meaningful photos and went with a super hero theme for the captions. The total cost of the project was less than $10. There’s tons of DIY gifts on Pinterest. 

2. Cook- a way to a mans heart is through his stomach make dad a nice brunch or a big dinner. 

3. Groupon- if dad likes kick boxing, movies or rock climbing there’s always deals on groupon. 

4. Sports Tickets- if dad likes soccer, basketball or even football stubhub comes in handy with affordable tickets, some baseball games as low as $11. 

5. Customize it- It could be a tie clip, watch case or even jewelry the little extra touch goes a long way. 

6. Be sure to plan ahead- the more time you put in the better the gift will be.

7.Give dad more attention than mom the entire day, not only will it make mom jealous but dad will feel appreciated. 

Ultimately don’t be the last min card from the grocery store type of gift. These were simple tips to help get the creative Father’s Day ideas going. So what are you getting DAD for Father’s Day? 

New Product Alerts: Happy Little Campers

I’m always looking for products that will work for my little ones sensitive skin. Well this product found us and we were more than pleased. There’s nothing better than finding a company who puts the health of costumers first there wipes are 100% natural and cotton. So not only do they not irritate my little ones skin but there soft to touch. I was most surprised with the size of the wipes, they were larger than the typical baby wipes from other brands giving buyers more for their buck.


Let’s talk perks the wipes are chlorine and alcohol free as well as fragrance free. They continued to stay moist and not leave my little one with dry skin. Them being all natural I’m able to use the wipes on his face, hands and bottoms. I would recommend these wipes to all parents with children under 5 because there at an affordable price, great packaging and durable a parents worst nightmare can be going through numerous wipes for one simple diaper change. Did I mention how adorable the packaging is with the little owl? Link below to snag these Happy Little Campers wipes for your little one as well.

Thank you so much Happy Little Campers your an life saver. We will definitely be a reaccuring user.

The Baby Factory

When are you having another baby? If I had a dollar for each time that question is asked I’d be one rich momma. Its like once you have one baby then “BABY FACTORY” becomes painted across your forehead.So I guess its time to let the cat out of the bag.

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When I got pregnant with Kai it wasn’t planned. Before we left the hospital the nurses joked “We will see you all next year”. Before having a child I always dreamed of having children back to back so that my kids could be close in age. Then came Kai my adventurous dare-devil, who makes me questioned if I could add-on a brother or sister. How would he adjust? Is he to young? Are we ready? All of these questions and the only one I can truly answer is “Are we ready” yes and no. No matter if you read or take classes the only thing that can prepare you for becoming a mom/dad is the journey I’m not knocking the books or parenting classes they help. I mean Google helps.

So now Kai is approaching two transitioning from baby to toddler, when will his title change from only child to big brother?Well family planning is the route we are taking. I have so many goals to accomplish before adding another bundle of joy. Kai wont be an only child but it will be a few more years of him getting all the perks of being the first-born/only child. The pressure is on with so many of my friends and family expanding, seems like everyone around is going to the double stroller. The decision to have more children shouldn’t be based on the “norm” or planned upon when others think you should have another. If you want a wait a year or ten years in between children do what works for you, everything doesn’t always go as planned. So for now the baby factory is closed until further notice and I will be enjoying the journey of terrible 2’s very soon.