Mommy & Kai take on Disneyland

Growing up I spent many holidays in Los Angeles with my family. I remember when we all packed up and went to Disney the only problem was I was afraid of rides and characters at the time.

My little one has had an obsession with Mickey Mouse since he could stand and we had already went to Disney on Ice countless times so what was next? Disneyland. Off we went on a 6am flight landed at LAX breakfast then on to Disneyland. What was even greater is that our tickets to the park where free talk about a savings and they came with fast pass so no waiting in line.

The park had plenty of rides for my little one who is thirty five inches tall. From turkey legs to the tea cups we had a blast. So much of a blast I looked into his stroller at only 7pm and he was sleeping mouth open and all.

I left the theme park with memories to last a life time. To see his smile and him jumping for joy was well worth the exhaustion that my body is feeling right now. Now we are on to Knotts Berry Farm to see Snoopie.


hoUSton August 28

I must admit that this is something that you can’t prepare for, something you could never guess was coming. To see a city that have grown to love over the past seven years under water still doesn’t feel like reality. Not being able to go to the grocery store, school or down the road due to flood waters. Hearing tornado sirens all through the night, the amount of uncertainty that we’ve experienced these past five days. Being a young mom to a toddler and remaining calm in the situation but I’m forever grateful.


To see a family with a young child carrying everything they own in a pack and play my heart broke into pieces. I will never take the simple things for granted. Which brings us to today we have gathered our family we will volunteer. We will help in any way to rebuild our city and we will continue to pray. Yes many can not donate this we understand but if you can pray or even be a helping hand. hoUSton will show this country how to come together no matter race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. For all those who have reached out thank you.

How to Distress T-Shirts

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For the past two years we have worn matching shirts for Kai's birthday. Not sure where I got the idea from but this year I wanted to put a spin on things. We had a Lion Guard birthday theme. Dad loves Kanye fashion style and had me distress old t-shirts for him in the past. I decided last min I would distress out family shirts the night before Kai's second birthday. Below find out exactly how I did it.
1. Went to Etsy to find the perfect Lion Guard logo I wanted the full cast not just one character.
2. Got plain tees from Target
3. Found a local print shop to print our names and the Lion Guard logos on to the shirts.
4. Took bleach and an old towel to the shirts and put bleach in random spots.
5. Washed and Dried shirts to get the smell of bleach out.

This was a very cheap and creative way to take our shirts from simple to a little edgy. So what will you distress? Shirts, jeans get creative. Be sure to like and follow.

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5 Tips to deal with Eczema

I would always moisturize Kai’s skin after bath time and just lay and smell him. Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh baby? Once Kai turned six months we took a weekend trip to Toronto to visit grandma. We live in warm Houston,Texas and Toronto is not the most tropical of places. I grew up in the Midwest so I prepared myself and little baby for the snow and cold weather. I began to notice a change in his skin and rashes. Nervously as a first time mom I ran to google searching for answers. I assumed he had chicken pox or something serious his pediatrician calmed my panic when she said he has eczema. Eczema is very common and to sum it up it’s just dry patches of skin. Here are my 5 tips when dealing with eczema.

1.Always moisturize  and leave skin a little damp  before applying lotion this helps to lock in more moisture.    

2.Find the product that works best for you, For my little guy we use Aveeno. Other products that are recommended are Euccerin and Cetaphil.

3.Trying natural or home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, or even epson salt can help.

4.Foods that help are foods high in iron like spinach, asparagus and if you prefer something sweet grab an apple.

5.Foods to stay away from or eat less of ,would be grains and dairy these could cause more outbreaks.

The best thing I did was learned what works for my baby the best. He has more out breaks in the winter than the summer as well as I changed all of our household products to more natural products such as the Honest company or the Method company. Lastly don’t panic Eczema is very common. Google will have you in the Emergency room for a simple paper cut. Thats all for Tip Tuesday be sure to share and like.

The Baby Factory

When are you having another baby? If I had a dollar for each time that question is asked I’d be one rich momma. Its like once you have one baby then “BABY FACTORY” becomes painted across your forehead.So I guess its time to let the cat out of the bag.

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When I got pregnant with Kai it wasn’t planned. Before we left the hospital the nurses joked “We will see you all next year”. Before having a child I always dreamed of having children back to back so that my kids could be close in age. Then came Kai my adventurous dare-devil, who makes me questioned if I could add-on a brother or sister. How would he adjust? Is he to young? Are we ready? All of these questions and the only one I can truly answer is “Are we ready” yes and no. No matter if you read or take classes the only thing that can prepare you for becoming a mom/dad is the journey I’m not knocking the books or parenting classes they help. I mean Google helps.

So now Kai is approaching two transitioning from baby to toddler, when will his title change from only child to big brother?Well family planning is the route we are taking. I have so many goals to accomplish before adding another bundle of joy. Kai wont be an only child but it will be a few more years of him getting all the perks of being the first-born/only child. The pressure is on with so many of my friends and family expanding, seems like everyone around is going to the double stroller. The decision to have more children shouldn’t be based on the “norm” or planned upon when others think you should have another. If you want a wait a year or ten years in between children do what works for you, everything doesn’t always go as planned. So for now the baby factory is closed until further notice and I will be enjoying the journey of terrible 2’s very soon.

7 Beginner Tips for Couponing

This week we are going to focus on Couponing. I never realized how much I could save by couponing  until it was time to buy diapers.Now I use coupons for everything food, household goods, and even clothes . Here are a seven of my tips and tricks to getting all of our house hold needs using coupons.

  1. Get the news paper. 
  2. Grab Scissors

Now that the easy part is out the way let’s get to couponing.

3. Have something to store coupons in, rather its a binder or a simple folder.

4. Have your shopping list handy- This helps you to know which coupons to look for.

5. Stacking Coupons for online Purchases- this always comes in handy when shopping at Carters. Why not use a 50% off and a 20% off at the same time.

6. Become a member- Rather its Costco, Randall’s or Kroger those points add up and check their weekly ads.

7. Coupon Websites to use: &

BONUS: Get the app 51 Check out, you can gain a percentage of the money you spend back. Drop your Coupon tips below.

The Change

Where have I been? Whats going on? Well I have the answer…..Life. Things happen unexpectedly and being a mom, working full-time as well as being a student. I’m usually very organized and keep up with a strict schedule but between moving and traveling with friends I took a break to get back to TearuaL. The one thing I want to share with readers is about self-image and health.

Before my pregnancy I was in the gym at least three times a week, wasn’t really watching what I was eating or drinking but I was in the gym. I had gained weight due to birth control and recently decided to get off of birth control all together. I had lost my job and health insurance so that was another reason I got off of nexplanon. I had gained nearly 50lbs. So I honestly thought getting off I would get my old body back and be fine for summer 2015. WRONG! One month after getting off of birth control I was pregnant. Yes the doctors told us it would take 18months for my body to regulate and for us to conceive but I guess they were wrong.

I knew that my body would change but during the first trimester I dropped 30lbs. Funny enough I never had morning sickness. I would search the internet for pregnancy workouts, pregnant yoga was eating healthy. Up until late 7months  I didn’t even have much of a bump. I ended my pregnancy 10lbs lighter than I was while on birth control.

Immediately after the birth of my son I breast feed and dropped down to 127, I hadn’t been that small since highschool. Once he turned 10 months I decided to ween him off breast milk and get back on birth control. BIG MISTAKE. I gained weight and began to have more cravings than I had ever had during pregnancy.

So here we are now. I get compliments on my current size but I’m far from healthy. My excuse is usually blaming Mahkai or my busy schedule but now I’m determined to put my health first. Goal is no cheat days for 30 days. I don’t want to say I have a goal weight because my overall goal is a healthier lifestyle in every aspect. I’m not going to take the easy way out, I’m going to meal prep watch what I eat and most importantly workout even if it’s just a walk. The best thing about my healthy life journey will be me saving my coins, confession I spent over $500 this past month on fast food. So with excitement and an extra push here goes me challenging myself to be a better version of myself.