Tips Tuesday: Bedtime Reading

I began to read to Kai as a baby and somewhere I just fell off. I started to see how he became dependent on his tablet, or TV. As a parent this really bothered me one I didn’t have access to these types of devices as a child and secondly I wanted to get more hands on with the learning process. So I decided to bring back our bedtime reading.

  1. I purchase most of my books at Ross, TjMaxx or Marshalls, you find amazing children’s book a discounted prices.
  2. I created Kai a book shelf this way the books are organized and have a special place.
  3. I allow Kai to choose the book he wants to read, it gives him the chance to feel as though he is in control.
  4. I get into character I am very animated when reading to my little one it keeps his attention. Changing voices and using my hands for motions.
  5. I always involve him in the reading even if it means stopping and having him point to this or that image.

The goal in reading to Kai at night is to create a routine and to get him settled in for bed. I also want to encourage him to not be dependent on modern technology. I truly believe that learning begins in the home.  Until next time be sure to subscribe, like and share.


Yasss…They have kids too

Being a mother comes first in my life. I mean as soon as I wake and my feet hit the ground I’m in full mommy mode. So it comes to no surprise that my social life is non existent. I get invited to many blogging events and most aren’t kid friendly and just conflict with my mommy schedule. I work full time so after work its time to cook, clean and prepare for the next day. Then weekends are split between birthday parties, toddler events and SOCCER, yes I’m a soccer mom.

Well some how me and Lami became Facebook friends through mutual friends and she said she wanted to start blogging. Well you know me I was like go for it honey. Blogging is therapeutic as well as a way to start a mini business. I’m all for seeing other woman win. Well fast forward her blog @themillennialmuva launches.(Which is amazing please check it out). She starts a Instagram chat of beautiful talented black woman so that we can build a sisterhood and collaborate. Wednesday she suggest we all meet up and I say lets all go to Jupiter. Jupiter is a really good modern breakfast place in the Sugarland Square.

As meet up day approaches I’m running out of babysitter opitions. I decided Kai will have to go with me. Not knowing how others would feel about my active two year old joining our evening brunch. I waited until the day of to announce that I was bringing him along. To my surprise other woman in the chat replied “I’m bringing mine to” it was such a relief to hear I could have twerked. So now I’ve charged every electronic device, packed snacks and grabbed anything else that could possibly entertain him and we hit the road to get to the brunch. I knew with Kai coming I’d need to get there early settle him and have like a 1-2-3 talk “Don’t embarrass me, unless you want a pop pop”. In walks Shawna so I immediately introduce myself and apologize for my toddler running wild we had been placed in  private room and Kai was burning off energy. She didn’t seem to be bothered as the table filled with beautiful faces in walked Chenelle with her adorable two I leaped for joy like “Yasss I’m not alone”. Shawna was so sweet organized all the kids to one side of the table. Lami and her two came and were seated we had a full on party.

Somehow even with the children there with us they were not a distraction. We even forgot they were there. The TV was purposely changed to Disney. We sat at that big wooden table for hours just listening to one another’s goals and visions. We where productive holding each other accountable for what we want to do how to get there.

Towards the end I glanced over at my sleeping child and he had spaghetti sauce all over his face. Seemed like no one noticed which was hilarious. I cleaned his face and continued in conversation. Then as we left and went our separate ways I was driving home to nap of course and hit me. We all came together learned each others strengths and weaknesses as small business owners all down to encourage, lend a helping hand in any way possible. We all live busy lives weather we are students, moms or work multiple jobs but a few things were made clear you have to be determined to win every day, the desire to win has to mean more than desire to take easy routes. But you truly win, when your whole team wins. Who cares if we have kids that not going to stop us and the fact that I found woman who don’t mind kids and some even have children of their own I’m forever grateful for.

In conclusion “Who ever said you can’t have it all, must not have been a mom”.

hoUSton August 28

I must admit that this is something that you can’t prepare for, something you could never guess was coming. To see a city that have grown to love over the past seven years under water still doesn’t feel like reality. Not being able to go to the grocery store, school or down the road due to flood waters. Hearing tornado sirens all through the night, the amount of uncertainty that we’ve experienced these past five days. Being a young mom to a toddler and remaining calm in the situation but I’m forever grateful.


To see a family with a young child carrying everything they own in a pack and play my heart broke into pieces. I will never take the simple things for granted. Which brings us to today we have gathered our family we will volunteer. We will help in any way to rebuild our city and we will continue to pray. Yes many can not donate this we understand but if you can pray or even be a helping hand. hoUSton will show this country how to come together no matter race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. For all those who have reached out thank you.

Whats in my Toddlers Lunch

I began packing Mahkai’s lunch a couple of weeks ago and have seen changes in his after school hunger, his bowl movements and as an added bonus he loves to carry his cute lunch box that I purchased at Kroger. Packing a lunch can be time-consuming to some but it’s so worth all the benefits like knowing exactly what your toddler is consuming.

I start by packing Mahkai a AM snack: granola bar and oranges

For lunch he has: chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli and carrots, with an Honest juice

Pm snack : Apple sauce and graham crackers

Bonus Snacks: pretzels and fruit snacks

I also always make sure my little guy has water to hydrate and I label it with his name, Each snack and meal is labeled to help his teacher, left up to any child or toddler they would just eat all the snacks from their lunch and toss out the food …… I did it growing up (sorry grandma). That’s all for Tips Tuesday be sure to share the tea.


How to Distress T-Shirts

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For the past two years we have worn matching shirts for Kai's birthday. Not sure where I got the idea from but this year I wanted to put a spin on things. We had a Lion Guard birthday theme. Dad loves Kanye fashion style and had me distress old t-shirts for him in the past. I decided last min I would distress out family shirts the night before Kai's second birthday. Below find out exactly how I did it.
1. Went to Etsy to find the perfect Lion Guard logo I wanted the full cast not just one character.
2. Got plain tees from Target
3. Found a local print shop to print our names and the Lion Guard logos on to the shirts.
4. Took bleach and an old towel to the shirts and put bleach in random spots.
5. Washed and Dried shirts to get the smell of bleach out.

This was a very cheap and creative way to take our shirts from simple to a little edgy. So what will you distress? Shirts, jeans get creative. Be sure to like and follow.

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Kai Turns 2 

Where do I start I’m battling so many emotions. A part of me is excited but fearful to tackle what most call “terrible two” but as I reflect back on the moments that brought us here I’m truly blessed.

Imagine as a parent feeling hopeless I was beginning a new job paying off bills and financially  not in the same place I was in last year during his 1st birthday. Me being the super mom that I am I said no matter what I’ll make this 2nd birthday worth remembering.

First I threw him a back yard BBQ in St.Louis my hometown. Family and friends got to see him for the first time we truly enjoyed ourselves. So what could or would I do for his actual birthday in Houston.

I thought smart, well what’s free? Because free is for me. I googled restaurants that give birthday rewards instantly to my surprise a list of 50+ from Benihana’s  to Baskin Robins where  on the list. So I’m going to take him to our favorite 2.

His actual party will be Saturday which was pre planned. Luckily this year I won’t be running around stressed trying to prepare. Last year I dropped 12lbs from stress, organizing and planning his 1st birthday. This year we chose Kid n Play and a simple theme inviting only 20 special guest.

Now that he’s two it’s hard for me to say verbally that I have a two-year old. I guess a part of me misses that little 7lbs 8 oz baby I gave birth to. It seems that if I say TWO then I’m acknowledging he’s not my little baby anymore. I was in love with this little human from the first heart beat and now here we are at TWO and it hasn’t gotten easier. Yes I may sleep through the night and don’t have to nurse but I’m saying No a lot more, I’m sleeping with both eyes open but most importantly I’ve gotten the opportunity  to love my greatest creation for two years. So here’s to TERRIBLE TWO I’m ready for you.

To: Mahkai Moyosore Ismail

Love Mommy





Home for me is a city that if your not a Cardinals fan you will get the dirty eye. I have always had a love/hate relationship with St.Louis, a city full of so much history but so much crime and destruction at the same time. Brining Kai for a visit was exciting for me he would be able to try my favorite foods, see my old stomping grounds as well as see family members he had never seen.


We drove to St.Louis, a car ride I was afraid to take there is nothing like a cranky toddler. To my surprise he was a breeze on the twelve-hour car ride he mostly just slept. As soon as we arrived I went to my grandma’s house and we grabbed my all time favorite Chinese food now I’m sure other cities have Chinese food but no one, I mean no one can top St.Louis Chinese. Where else can you go and get crab ragoon, and shrimp fried rice and the total be less than $10. I sat there and indulged in the greatest meal and topped it off with a Vess soda. Nothing about that meal was healthy and I was okay with that.

The Fun 

We decided to have Kai a pre birthday turn up “Toy Story” themed. We had a Woody Character, a bounce house the music and food flowing. Family gatherings wouldn’t be family gatherings without the adults whipping out the spades table. I woke up the next day to bruises from attempting to win a potato sack race, man ol man I’m not as young as I thought I was.



My favorite holiday in St.Louis has been 4th of July not because of the BBQ but the VP Fair its something about fireworks that gets me each year. The fair comes once a year and during the 4th of July holiday it’s filled with games, food, live free music and fireworks. My best friend and his girlfriend invited me and Kai to accompany them to the fair I think I was the most excited of the group. We ran to the food stations as soon as we arrived, then caught the free concert “3 Doors Down” who just happened to be one of my favorite bands in high school, I was surprised I still knew all the words. Here comes the boom, I assumed Kai would be afraid of the fireworks but he just sat on my lap amazed watching all of the colors. My only re


gret was forgetting our stroller in Houston therefore the entire group got a full workout taking turns carrying my 35lb toddler.


Majority of St.louis attractions such as Art Museum, History Museum and Zoo are free so they are def on our line up while on this visit.

New Home 

I loved to bring my son to see my different world and the place I once called home. I moved away over seven years ago and have never looked back. This
city has made me I’m deeply rooted from my country grammar to sugar and butter in my grits. Although Houston is now home St.Louis will always have a piece of me. I enjoyed seeing family and friends. Coming to St.Louis showed me that Houston is not just my new home because I have lived there but because Houston changed me from a child into a woman. Houston is where I found myself, where I found love and created a family so St.Louis raised Houston made seems rather fitting. Until next time St.Louis.